Seasonal menu

i - information about allergens


Leaf salad mix with fried seaweed wraped tuna and aromatic lemon oil 8.80
Self-smoked sh platter (hot smoked salmon, hot smoked butter sh, cold smoked salmon, hot smoked eel, lightly salted salmon) 24.20
Tender herring llet, served with hot potatoes and cottage cheese 6.80
Beef carpaccio with anchovy sauce, rucola salad and parmesan cheese 12.80
Julienne with porcini mushrooms and chicken llet, served under crunchy parmesan 7.20


Sauerkraut soup with self-smoked pork 5.60
Porcini mushroom cream soup with parmesan foam, served with oregano grissini 8.20
Chicken consomme with chicken dumplings 6.20

Main courses

Latvian platter: barley rissoto with smoked salmon, grey peas with smoked meat, potatoe stew with porccini and creamy sauce, sauerkraut, black pudding 16.80
Beef bourguignon,served with mash potatoes and baked roots 12.80
Grilled pork ribs with honey-soya glaze with baked roots 16.80
Duck leg “kon” with mashed potatoes, green beans and demi-glace sauce with plums 11.80
Grilled catsh with ginger-soy marinade, served with Jerusalim atrtichoke mash andlemon sauce 11.80


Carrot cake with sour cream, served under chocolate crumbs 5.80
Crepes with clementine sauce and vanilla-gingerbread icecream 5.20


i - information about allergens

Breakfast Till 13:00

Omlette with cheese / with bacon / with grilled vegetables i5.20
Fried eggs with crispy bacon and toasts i4.80
Oat porridge with jam i3.20
Semolina porridge with jam i3.20
Crepes with jam and sour cream i2.80
Crepes with cottage cheese i5.20
Crepes with cheese i5.20


Ceasar salad with chicken i7.60
Ceasar salad with crunchy bacon i6.80
Ceasar salad with tiger prawns i7.80
Fried pumpkin, served with goat cheese, prosciutto, leaf salad mix with raspberry balsamico and pumpkin seeds i6.80
Green salad with rucola, baby spinach, avocado, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, shrimps, quail eggs and olive oil i6.80
Leaf salad mix with salted salmon, tiger prawns, cucumbers, tomatoes and “Yasai” sauce i7.20


Canape mix „Latvian feeling” i7.40
Vodka platter i12.80
Beer platter i8.20
Italian selection of delicacies i16.80
Cheese platter i17.80

Hot apetizers

Fried Janu cheese with hazelnuts and honey with raspberry sauce i8.60
Tiger prawns(9pcs), fried in orange-chili sauce, served with caramelized pineapple and rucola i10.60
Camembert cheese fried in white wine, zest and rosemary, served with red bilberry jam and crunchy baguette i7.20
Selection of garlic toasts, made from different latvian variety of bread , served with cheese sauce i5.80


Beef goulash soup i7.20
Fish soup with salmon, mussels, fennel and tomatoes i7.80
Light vegetable soup with parmesan cheese i5.80

Main courses

Tender duck breast with potatoes gratin, fried pumpkin, red onion marmalade with Cheddar cheese and pomegranate sauce i12.80
Pike fishcakes with barley risotto with wild mushrooms and white wine, anise sauce i9.80
Pork fillet medallions, wrapped in bacon, burned in whiskey, served with Mashed potatoes, spicy aubergine caviar and buckthorn sauce i9.80

Dishes on the grill

Beef fillet steak with mashed potatoes, fried zucchini in provence spices and parmesan cheese, served with Demi glace sauce with porcini mushrooms i24.80
Salmon steak, served with leaf salad mix with fennel, Korean carrots and ginger-lime dressing i14.80
Juicy beef entrecot, served with mashed potatoes, fried zucchini in provence spices and parmesan cheese, served with Demi glace sauce with truffle flavour i25.80
Tuna steak with wok vegetables, made in sezame oil, served with teriyaki sauce and marinated ginger i14.60
Chicken thigh shashlik, served with korean carrots, pickled cucumber, marinated onions, spicy olives and marinated artichokes i9.20
Pork neck shashlik , served with korean carrots, pickled cucumber, marinated onions, spicy olives and marinated artichokes i10.80
Grilled vegetables: aubergine, zucchini, pepper, tomatoes, sweet corn, red onions, baby potatoes, served with pesto and balsamico cream i6.20

Homemade pasta

Tagliatelle “Carbonara” with cream sauce and egg yolk i7.20
Tagliatelle with wild mushrooms, asparagus, cream sauce with truffle flavour i8.20
Pasta with salmon, mussels and tiger prawns, tomato sauce with basil i9.20

Kids menu

Chicken soup with noodles i3.50
Sausages “Octopuses” with mashed potatoes and cucumber-tomato salad i3.50
Fried crunchy salmon filet with mashed potatoes and fresh cucumbers i3.50
Crunchy chicken nuggets with French fries and red sauce i3.50
Pasta with parmesan cheese i3.50


Chocolate fondant with raspberry sorbet and fresh berries i6.80
“Napoleon” cake with cherries and caramel sauce i6.80
Selection of ice-cream i2.10
Selection of sorbet i2.10

Beverage menu


Coffee with milk 2.90
Latte classic 3.50
Latte Chocolate, Caramel, Amaretto, Vanilla 3.70
Cappuccino 3.50
Espresso 2.90
Ice coffee 4.20
Cocoa 2.80
Hot chocholate 4.50


Tea in pot 3.50
Ginger tea 5.20
Ice tea Cucumber-Lemon 3.80
Ice tea 3.80


Juice 2.00
Freshly squeezed juice (ask the waiter) 4.00 – 7.50
Health cocktail (celery, carrot, ginger, lemon, apple) 6.50
Fresh sea buckthorn juice 7.50


S.Pellegrino / Acqua Panna 0,25 ml 2.50
S.Pellegrino / Acqua Panna 0,75 ml 4.50
Borjomi 0,33 ml 3.20

Soft drinks

Buttermilk 2.00
Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes 2.00
Red Bull 200 ml 3.50

Kvass Tērvetes

0,3 l 2.20
0,5 l 2.90

Lemonades 1 l

Ginger - peppermint 5.80
Strawberry – blueberry – pineaple 5.80
Berry Morss 5.80

Non alcohol cocktails

Lighthouse drink 5.50
Ice cream cocktails (strawberry, plum, banana, mango, apple, chocolate) 4.50
Virgin Bloody Merry (Tomato juice, lemon juice, salt, pepper, warchester) 4.00
Mojito ( cranberries,strawberry 4.50


tropical smoothies 5.80
Smoothies from Latvian traditional berries 5.80
Hurricane (Orange juice, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, apple juice) 4.60

Cocktail’s card

Lighthouse Hendrick’s Hangover (gin, gingerale, sugar syrup, lemon juice, basilic, cucumber) 7.80
Lighthouse Drink (rum, orange, lemon, lime, passion syrup, ruschian schwepps) 6.80
Long Island Ice Tea (tequila, vodka, rum, gin, triple sec, sugar syrup, coca - cola) 7.80
Mojito –classic, strawberry, cranberry 7.00
Margarita – (tequila, lemon, triple sec) / classic, strawberry 6.80
Daiquiri – (rum, lime juice, sugar syrup) /classic, strawberry 5.80
Bacardi (Rum, lemon juice, grenadine) 5.20
French Connection ( Brandy, amaretto) 4.20
Aperol Spritz (Aperol, prosecco) 7.50
Pina Colada (rum, malibu, pineapple, fresh cream) 6.80
Caipirinha (cacacha, lime, brown sugar, crushed ice) 5.00
Mai Tai (rum, lemon juice, pineaple juice, orange juice, oregant, grenadine, rum 73°) 6.20
Sex On The Beach (vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, cranberry juice) 5.80
Cosmopolitian (vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, cranberry juice, grenadine) 5.80
Bloody Marry (vodka, tomato juice, spiecies) 6.80
Dry Martini (martini dry, gin) 4.30
Cuba Libre (rum, coca-cola, lime) 5.00


B-52 (kahlua, caroline, triple sec) 4.80
Apple pie (vodka, apple juice, cinamon) 2.20

Hot drinks

Glühwein 5.00
Lighthouse Hot Heart (rum spice, cranberry juice, orange juice, passion syrup) 5.80
Irish Coffee (whiskey, coffee, fresh cream) 5.80
Hot Star (black balsam, peppermint tea, lemon, quince syrop, brown sugar) 5.80
Hot Balsam (balsam, currant juice) 5.00


Martini 2.50
Martini Extra dry 2.50
Sweet red vermouth 2.50
Campari 3.00
Aperol 3.00


Kahlua 3.00
Amaretto 3.00
Bailey’s 3.00
Cointreau 3.00
Drambuie 4.00
Grand Marnier 4.00
Sambuca 4.00
STROH 80% 5.50


Bombay saphire 2.80
Blackwood's Vintage Dry 5.20
Hendrick's 5.20


Sobieski 2.20
Russkij Standart 2.80
Finlandia Redberry 2.80
Cachaca 51 2.80
Absinth 4.20
Stolochnaja 4.20
Grey Goose Original 5.00
Beluga 5.00


Akmeņlauzis 3.50
Akmeņlauzis mārrutku 3.50
Samagon Kasogarov 4.20


De Luze VSOP 5.50
Remy Martin VSOP 6.80
Hine VSOP 7.20
Hine Cigar XO 10.50
Jean Fillioux La Pouyade 10.50


Chateau Du Tariquet VSOP 5.50


Busnel Fine 4.80
Christian Drouin Selection 5.80
Comte Louis De Lauriston Pomme Prisonniere 8.80
Christian Drouin Millesime 1994 12.80


Berta Grappa Amarone 4.80
Grappa Ornellaia Reserva 7.20
Berta Grappa Roccanivo 12.80


Malibu 3.00
Captain Morgan 3.00
Captain Morgan Black 3.00
Captain Morgan Spiced 3.00
Old Pascas 73° 4.00
Matusalem Grand Reserva 15yo 5.00
Angostura 1919 5.50
Zacapa 23yo 6.50


Iveroni 3* 2.50
Metaxa 7* 4.00
Cardenal Medoza Grand Reserva 5.50


Red Label 3.00
Tullamore Dew 3.80
Jim Beam 3.80
Jameson 3.80
Jack Daniels 3.80
Bushmills 10 yo 5.00
Gantelmen Jack 5.00
Makers Mark 4.20
Chivas Regal 12 yo 6.00
Talisker 10 yo 6.00
Glenmoragie Originale 6.00
Balvenie Doublewood 12 yo 6.50
Macallan 12 yo 6.80
Lagavulin 16 yo 7.00
Glenfiddich 18yo 7.00
Bruichladdich 20 yo 8.50


Sauza White 3.00
Sauza Gold 3.00
Corralejo Reposado 100% agave 4.30
Corralejo Anejo 100% agave 5.30


Melnais Balzāms 3.60
Upeņu Balzāms 3.60
Jagermeister 3.60
Fernet Branca 3.60


Lielvārdes Light 0,4 l 3.20
Lielvārdes Dark 0,4 l 3.20
Lielvārdes Wheat 0,4 l 3.20
Tērvetes Light 0,3 2.80
Tērvetes Light 0,5 3.50
Triple Karmeliet 8,4% (Belgium) 0,3 l 3.50
Triple Karmeliet 8,4% (Belgium) 0,5 l 4.80
Corona 0,33l 2.80
Non-alchoholic Beer 0,33l 2.80


0,3 l 2.60
0,5 l 3.20

10% of service charge for groups of 6 or more people.

The restaurant has a nice atmosphere, Interiour is very unique and stands out compared to other restaurants on Jomas street.

„Всегда большой выбор, рыбный стол, мясной стол, суп, горячее, сладкое, фрукты, и бокал шампанского Prosseco. Плюс кофе и чай к этому всему. Рекомендую это место.

Man bija ļoti parocīgi un ērti kopā ar manu 11 mēnešus veco dēliņu. Paldies, ka ir kāds, kas domā par mums - mazu bērnu māmiņām un mūsu vajadzībām.

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